You're Not Just Playing The Game, You're Changing It.


Welcome to the future of athletic recovery. With our state-of-the-art electric cupping system, we've changed the game.

Used by the best to be their best, this isn't just a recovery tool - it's your competitive edge.

Melt away fatigue, supercharge your healing, and bounce back faster than ever before.

Because in the world of elite sports, every second of recovery counts. Stay ahead of the competition. Make every workout count. Claim the ultimate recovery - because you're not just playing the game, you're changing it.

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Optimized By Top-Tier Engineers For Unmatched Performance

Designed for the fastest recovery times with cutting-edge AI technology delivering seamless and highly optimized performance.

Featuring 12 Intesity Modes & 12 temperature options

Two Modes To Optimize Recovery Times

QwikCup has two modes to optimize recovery times to keep you performing at your high levels.

Temperature Controls

Warm settings aid in muscle relaxation and tension release, while cooler ones invigorate and refresh. Control your recovery, optimize your performance, and feel the difference. Your ultimate recovery, tailored to perfection.

Results Guaranteed!

Hear from some returning customers themselves

I was paying far too much each monthy for massages, cupping therapy and acupuncture to get rid of my troublesome knotts in my neck and back and thankfully I found QwikCup. Its a perfect solution to helping me get rid of all my pesky pains and aches with a simple hand held solution that I can apply myself with absolute ease. Its a no brainer for the price especially when you factor in the 1 year warranty, and 30 day money back guarantee! Happy I purchased mine :)

QwikCup has been a life changer for me. I sit and work at my computer for 6-8 hourse each day minimum and I have found myself in a chronic cycle of shoulder pain from bad posture over the years. I get flare ups of pain constantly and the Nue Cup is my go to solution, it sits right on my desk with me and instantly offers a sense of relief so I can focus on my work! I couldn't possibly recommend it more!

I bought the QwikCup to help me with my lower back pain. I worked in consutrction for over 12 years and the years have caughten up with me to say the least. My back is always getting pinched nerves, knots, and constant states of pain and discomfort. I keep a QwikCup near me anytime im in the house for instant quick relief. It takes 10 minutes for me to feel back to normal. Such a blessing in my life, easily worth the $45.